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Introduction to Berkeley Divinity School

Although currently part of Yale, Berkeley (named after famed British philosopher George Berkeley) was originally an independent institution, founded in 1854 to prepare American students for the Anglican ministry. Still, the relationship between Yale and Berkeley was present since the University's early days, with Berkeley bequeathing much of his estate, including his theological library, to the young university.

Originally located in Middletown, CT, Berkeley was relocated to New Haven in 1928 and became joined with Yale University in 1971. Berkeley students enjoy the best of both worlds - part of a seminary rich with American Anglican history and part of a world-class university.

Academic Life

As part of Yale University, Berkeley students are concurrently enrolled in both schools. Students at Berkeley may work towards any of the degrees offered by Yale Divinity School (MDiv, MAR, STM). In addition, Episcopal students may earn a diploma in Anglican Studies (through the MDiv program) or a certificate in Anglican Studies (through either the MAR or STM programs).

Student Life

Students at Berkeley Divinity School enjoy a host of on-campus opportunities. In the school itself, part of the broader Yale Divinity School community, there are numerous opportunities for corporate worship. Daily ecumenical worship services are held in Marquand Chapel starting at 10:30 am. St. Luke's chapel in the Berkeley Center hosts morning and evening prayers as well as celebration of the Eucharist many times during the week.

In addition to corporate worship, Berkeley students may participate in the many student organizations at Yale Divinity School. Student groups based on various interests and backgrounds include such diverse groups devoted to shared theological background such as  Baptist Student Fellowship, Catholic Fellowship, Evangelical Fellowship, and Methodist Society, as well as groups devoted to shared interests such as the Bible Belters (singing group), the Coalition (LGBT issues), and the Sacramental Winers (singing group).

As students of Yale University, Berkeley Seminary students enjoy access to a wide range of resources. From a 24-hour student infirmary to a world-class gym, there's definitely no shortage of things to do. From on-campus art and history museums to intramural sports, there's a wealth of activities. And while students may find no shortage of activities in New Haven itself, it's worth noting that NYC is less than two hours away, affording even more possibilities.


Berkeley students qualify for the same apartments and other housing options as Yale Divinity and Yale Graduate School students. The options are generous. YDS offers numerous one bedroom, two bedroom, and shared bedroom options. In addition to housing units specifically for divinity students, Yale University's graduate housing offerings are numerous, including many dormitory and apartment options are reasonable prices.

Financial Aid

Since Berkeley operates as part of Yale University, and specifically Yale Divinity School, Berkeley students are eligible for the same aid that YDS students receive. Yale awards both need-based and merit-based awards. According to Yale Divinity School records, over 90% of students receive financial aid towards expenses. In addition to need-based aid, Berkeley students are eligible for a handful of merit-based scholarships (MDiv and MAR only).


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