Duke Divinity School

Duke Divinity School Quick Facts

Denominational Affiliation
United Methodist


Theological Orientation

Degrees Offered
MDiv; MTS; ThM; ThD

Number of Students
c. 635

Tuition Costs for 2017 - 2018
Varies dependent upon program ($23,250/yr for MDiv; $37,750/yr for ThD)

Durham, NC

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Introduction to Duke Divinity School

As is the case with many schools, the founding of Duke's Divinity School is inseparable from the history of the university itself. While the Divinity School was founded in 1926 (thanks in large part to the generosity of tobacco tycoon James B. Duke), Duke University itself has close ties to the Methodist Church and was once named Trinity College, a Methodist "training ground" for future ministers. Though still affiliated with the United Methodist Church, Duke is consciously ecumenical, striving to find common ground in the rich traditions of the church and a shared reading of scripture.

The faculty of Duke has long been considered one of the strongest in the world, with such noted figures as Richard B. Hays and Stanley Hauerwas counted amongst their ranks.

Academic Life

Duke Divinity offers several introductory theological degrees - the MDiv, MTS, MACP (Master of Arts in Christian Practice) and MACS (Master of Arts in Christian Studies) - as well as the ThM and ThD (the PhD is offered through the graduate school). The ThD was established in 2006 to provide students a chance to study the integration of theology with often-neglected areas such as worship, evangelism, and the arts. In addition to a stellar faculty and the above degree programs, Duke offers several certificate concentrations and other programs such as Theology and the Arts; Black Church Studies; Duke Youth Academy for Christian Formation; and many others.

Student Life

Duke recognizes that students who are preparing for ministry do so outside of class as much as they do inside. As such, the Divinity School offers several opportunities for students to minister to others as well as receiving it. The Duke chapel offers regular prayer, preaching, and communion in both morning and evening services. Faculty, staff, and students alike are responsible for leading these services. There are numerous student organizations available, from improvisational comedy to choirs. Of course, as students of Duke University, Divinity School students have access to a host of recreational and fitness facilities.


Divinity students do not have access to on-campus housing; therefore, it is crucial for students to secure housing as soon as acceptance is confirmed. The Divinity School and university both offer resources to help students find acceptable and affordable housing.

Financial Aid

With the exception of ThM students, all Divinity students are eligible for both need-based grants as well as scholarships. For master's-level students, the majority of scholarships are for MDiv students, though MTS students are eligible for many as well. ThD students ordinarily receive full funding.


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