Western Seminary Review: Thankful for Western!

I am a Master of Arts in Counseling student in my last semester at Western. My training at Western Seminary has been absolutely foundational to my growth in a variety of ways: Personally, professionally, academically, spiritually, relationally.

I have been so blessed by the classroom instruction and interaction, the personal relationships with staff and faculty, my internships, the space to learn and grapple with the scriptures.

The faculty are knowledgeable and humble, truly centered on the gospel and on representing the word accurately and with reverence, and they are also each actively ministering in the local church and a variety of real-world contexts - so that teaching is not divorced from real interpersonal relationships and current cultural challenges.

As a counseling student I am also particularly thankful for the careful and thoughtful integration of biblical wisdom and truth with counseling theory and ethics - I was looking for this in a program and my expectations were definitely exceeded at Western.

I feel personally grounded and professionally equipped as I prepare to enter the counseling field. I would recommend Western to anyone seeking biblically faithful, gospel-centered graduate education!

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